Copper Ridge Road in Tennessee

12 Oct

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Copper Ridge Rd in Knoxville, TN is not the same place as Copper Ridge Baptist Church that had visitors from around the world who flocked to the church to see the glowing crosses that appeared daily in the windows. The mystifying appearance of the crosses garnered media attention as local newspapers & news stations covered the unexplained phenomena. It seems there were as many as 135,000 people visit this small, old church during the time it was known for the miracles, and unfortunately the media hype brought curiosity seekers and thrill seekers. It didn’t take long for the upright members of the church to want all of the attention to go away. It wasn’t long before the church tried to hide the lighted crosses by darkening the windows. The smiles faded from the faces of the community as darkness seeped inside, and soon the church disassembled. I have been told that as of this writing the church is again in service but would like to forget the attached legend.
As for Copper Ridge Rd in the Karns community it seems it has its own mysteries at one of the old cemeteries. Many, many people have heard voices, sometimes the voices are from children. Others say they hear a male. We did pick up a male EVP on one of our visits, which is on the EVP page of the above linked website at the top of this post. And we have a video showing the small cemetery and the remains of a burned structure on the Investigation page of our main website. If you go there, please treat the cemetery with respect. If you’re lucky enough to witness an apparition or hear a voice, try to respond with courtesy, as spirits respond to kindness. Besides, these spirits have seen their share of circus type behavior. Isn’t it time they experience a little peace?

Update: I received an email recently that gave me pause for consideration. I was informed that Copper Ridge Baptist Church did NOT burn, and in fact the name was changed after the 1990′s hype over the crosses. The author of the email informed me that the church is located in the Copper Ridge Community area, not on Copper Ridge Rd. I will research this new information. In any case, the cemetery off of Copper Ridge Rd is very active with supernatural and paranormal phenomena, we have witnessed it. Look for updates on our main website
For 1 of our 3 videos on the cemetery at Copper Ridge Rd click here and then visit our website to see the other videos


2 Responses to “Copper Ridge Road in Tennessee”

  1. sean purdom October 28, 2011 at 1:49 pm #

    There used to be a church that sat on the hillside of the cemetery on the right as you drove up to the plantation but i do believe it was bulldozed. I’ve been in the church itself. A lot of graffiti and whatnot, but nothing too crazy ever happened in there. A friend of mine has been scratched with three scratch marks on his lower back as we were leaving. We provoked the entire time. Safely, of course, but with no activity except the scratches. I’ve been back numerous times with nothing else but a few sad wails, it sounded like in the distance. That was never proven by my paranormal group.

  2. john fox April 16, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

    would there be a problem with investigating this site at night?

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